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3 Social Media Habits to Avoid During a Divorce

Going through a divorce in Miami can be difficult, especially now, as we share our lives on social media. While scrolling through our Facebook or Instagram feed can take our minds off the hardships of a divorce, there are certain social media habits that can make a divorce even more difficult to get through.  Though it’s entirely likely for a divorce to end on good terms without social media accounts being Read More

Understanding Florida No-Fault Divorce

If you’re looking to get, prevent or understand divorce in Florida, you may have come across the concept of “no-fault law.” Though no-fault is commonly associated with car accidents, in Florida, divorces can also be considered no-fault. But what does that mean exactly? No-fault divorce law means that spouses don’t need to prove any kind of fault or wrongdoing on their partner’s end to initiate a divorce. All Read More

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