How to prepare for your divorce consultation

If you have a divorce consultation scheduled with an attorney, and you want to be prepared for the consult, here are 3 tips to consider:


The attorney will ask you some questions about your marriage in order to properly give you advice. You should know at the very least, the date of marriage, date of separation, years of marriage, and income for both parties.  If you do not remember the date of marriage, have no fear, the attorney can get that information on the county clerk’s website.


Knowing whether your case is uncontested or contested can help the attorney determine what kind of case you have. Uncontested means that you and your spouse have come to an agreement or understanding on most, if not, all of the important issues of the case (property, assets/liabilities, etc.). If there are children, then in an uncontested divorce, the client and spouse must come to an agreement on parental responsibility and the timesharing schedule.  If the client and spouse cannot come to an agreement on all of the issues in the case, then the case becomes contested.


Be prepared to discuss touchy or sensitive topics about your marriage. The attorney may ask you the reason why you are seeking a divorce, and this may bring up some unresolved feelings. Also, be ready to be in a consultation that may last an hour or more. Try not to take your children to your consultation so that you are able to focus during the meeting and not have to expose your child(ren) to hear about your marital issues. ***At the Aguilera Law Center, we have a children’s room equipped with TV and toys. Parents are able to see their child play through a window while they are in the consult office with the attorney.

Remember these are just suggestions that may help the attorney better assess your case and provide you the most meaningful advice.

The Aguilera Law Center provides divorce consultations every weekday, as well as evenings, and on Saturdays.  To schedule an appointment please call 305-255-3476.

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