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3 Social Media Habits to Avoid During a Divorce

Going through a divorce in Miami can be difficult, especially now, as we share our lives on social media. While scrolling through our Facebook or Instagram feed can take our minds off the hardships of a divorce, there are certain social media habits that can make a divorce even more difficult to get through.  Though it’s entirely likely for a divorce to end on good terms without social media accounts being Read More

How to prepare for your divorce consultation

If you have a divorce consultation scheduled with an attorney, and you want to be prepared for the consult, here are 3 tips to consider: KNOW THE FACTS OF YOUR CASE The attorney will ask you some questions about your marriage in order to properly give you advice. You should know at the very least, the date of marriage, date of separation, years of marriage, and income for both parties.  If you do not remember Read More

How to Fight a Restraining Order in Florida

Receiving a restraining order can be devastating. Losing access to your family and legally having to stay away from them is unpleasant and can ruin the joy of the coming holiday season. However, knowing that you can fight a restraining order and regain your family can be reassuring.  Although restraining orders are sometimes necessary to protect members of a family, they are often filed frivolously, with little to Read More

What is the role of a defense attorney?

When facing the distress of criminal charges, one might be tempted to search for “good criminal lawyers near me” for help. However, few who begin the search understand what the role of a defense attorney is or how to find a good one that can handle their case. If you are facing misdemeanor or felony charges but you aren’t sure how or where to get a lawyer for your case, learning a little about criminal defense and Read More

5 Things to Know Before Filing a Restraining Order in Florida

Filing for a restraining order in Florida is necessary in some situations. Feeling safe is an important aspect of living a normal, healthy life. We surround ourselves with people we feel most comfortable with. However, it is all too common to be in a situation where your safety might be threatened by someone close to you.    In the midst of a divorce, things between a separated couple can turn ugly and, at Read More

Understanding Florida No-Fault Divorce

If you’re looking to get, prevent or understand divorce in Florida, you may have come across the concept of “no-fault law.” Though no-fault is commonly associated with car accidents, in Florida, divorces can also be considered no-fault. But what does that mean exactly? No-fault divorce law means that spouses don’t need to prove any kind of fault or wrongdoing on their partner’s end to initiate a divorce. All Read More

3 Benefits of Establishing Paternity in Florida

As the biological father of a child, you may not have thought about whether paternity has been established. Although it may seem unnecessary when you and the mother both know you are the father, you still want to notify the state that you are the father for several reasons. Here are the top three benefits of establishing paternity in Florida. 1. Parental rights to your child. One of the top perks of Read More

5 Tips for Helping Your Children Adjust to Life Following Divorce

A divorce doesn’t just impact the husband and wife who are splitting up, but also all the surrounding people. Perhaps more than anyone else, a divorce is going to have an impact on the children. In the time during and immediately following a divorce, it is important to do everything you can to help them adjust and adapt so both they, and you, can move forward with what will become your ‘new normal’ way of living. Read More

Considering Divorce? Make Sure Your Finances Are Ready!

Soon after you decide to file for a divorce or learn that your spouse is filing for a divorce, you need to start financially planning for it. Although this isn’t the automatic first step that people think of regarding divorce, it should be. By taking the time to financially prepare early in the divorce process, you can save yourself time and money in the future. Here’s what you should do in order to become Read More

4 Common Myths About Misdemeanors

Being charged with a crime of any sort is a big deal. For some reason, however, our culture has a different opinion. If you have been charged with a felony, you immediately know you are in serious trouble and need a lawyer. On the other hand, people who have been charged with a misdemeanor tend to think that it’s not a big deal. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Here are four common myths about misdemeanors Read More