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How to Fight a Restraining Order in Florida

Receiving a restraining order can be devastating. Losing access to your family and legally having to stay away from them is unpleasant and can ruin the joy of the coming holiday season. However, knowing that you can fight a restraining order and regain your family can be reassuring.  Although restraining orders are sometimes necessary to protect members of a family, they are often filed frivolously, with little to Read More

5 Things to Know Before Filing a Restraining Order in Florida

Filing for a restraining order in Florida is necessary in some situations. Feeling safe is an important aspect of living a normal, healthy life. We surround ourselves with people we feel most comfortable with. However, it is all too common to be in a situation where your safety might be threatened by someone close to you.    In the midst of a divorce, things between a separated couple can turn ugly and, at Read More

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